The Female Prison in the United States Essay example

The Female Prison in the United States Essay example

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The female prison population in the United States is growing at an disturbing rate. According to Ajinkya (2013) from 2000 to 2009, the number of females incarcerated in state or federal prison rose by 21.6%. A high percentage of prison inmates, who tend to be poor, ethnic or racial minorities and young, will eventually be released to rejoin society and either return to their criminal lifestyles or adopt new, socially responsible patterns of behavior (Erisman & Contardo, 2005).
According to Justice Center (2012), 19% of females released from prison will recidivate in the first three years post-release. This research study will focus on whether female ex-offenders with post-secondary education have lower recidivism rates than female ex-offenders who do not. One of the issues this study will focus on is the impact of post-secondary education on female ex-offenders’ recidivism rates within three- to five-years post parole. This study will track the post-release recidivism rates of female ex-offenders with postsecondary education. This study will also investigate the correlation between post-secondary education and post-release female ex-offenders’ recidivism rates.
There are two research approaches that will be analyzed for the appropriate research approach and strategy for this proposed study relating to adult education. Qualitative and quantitative research approaches are the two main modes of research. Both qualitative and quantitative research approaches are used in studies throughout many disciplines, including science and the social sciences. These two research approaches are defined by several different authors and their defintions can be found in most text books on educational research .There are several advantages and d...

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