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The video Prison Moms was eye opening to the plight of women while pregnant as members of a correctional institution. This documentary focused on Pennsylvania based programs at Riverside correctional facility. The 2009 sentencing project study found that one out of every forty-three kids has a parent in prison and that sixty-five thousand and six hundred mothers were incarcerated as of 2007. The program offers a full-time staff Monday through Friday that work specifically with pregnant inmates and mother within the prison population with children under the age of three. This staff also works with the mother and the caregiver of the child outside of the corrections facility to keep the family unit “together”. The video also stated that eighty…show more content…
This mistreatment includes the use of restraints, poor health conditions, sexual abuse by corrections officers and the isolation of women contained in high security units. Perhaps the most alarming part of this report was that the United States agreed to an international treaty that was agreed upon by one hundred and forty-five countries that are currently legally bound by said treaty, but only as far as what was already stated in the Constitution and not anymore than that. Women in American prisons are victims of rape and various forms of sexual abuse by prison staff. Also, as stated in Jill 's story that sick or pregnant women are unduly and unjustly required by law to be bound in chains while giving birth for the sake of safety. This bondage of pregnant women is an utter violation of the basic human rights of women that are incarcerated. The final topic discussed in this report was the fact that most prisons, more specifically, maximum security prisons are developed and cater to men and their gender specific problems. Only recently has this begin to improve but the conditions are still outrageous and some of the high risk units within the prisons violate the basic right to privacy and dignity because they allow male guards to see these females at all times without any privacy. The conditions talked about in Prison Life

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