Farming: Ram's Evocative Portrayal of Hard Work Essay

Farming: Ram's Evocative Portrayal of Hard Work Essay

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An unfortunate reality about the American culture is how simple it is for us trap ourselves in trivial detail but not take time to recognize the small things that are important. We are worried about wearing a name brand to fit in with peers, stress over getting a bit of dirt on the bottoms of our brand new sneakers, and complain when we have to do something ourselves. These worries only pause for a moment when something exciting or tragic occurs in our lives and when we numb our minds to enjoy things like music, television, or movies. American culture has made us obsessed with having the finest worldly goods and not being required to accomplish anything in return.
Many companies have noticed this exact cultural mythology. Some have used it to persuade us to purchase items that maybe we do not necessarily need but want to make our lives simpler. An excellent example of this is Chrysler’s Ram line of pickup trucks. In Ram’s early 2013 commercial for the Super Bowl, they are selling their line of pickup trucks. While that is the true objective of the two-minute long commercial, the advertisers want to sell something more: the beauty and benefit from hard work. Americans have a deep-seated belief that hard work is dirty and below them. However, Ram is showing the presence of this mythology through subtle reverse psychology. They remind us of the negative connotation regarding hard work by showing positive images. Farmers are merely Ram’s example of hard work. While many occupations are hard work induced, a farmer’s hard work is highly visible in comparison to a business executive. There are many symbols that the creators of the commercial use to present these beliefs. These symbols include the speech, photographs, and typeface involv...

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...ey’s speech “So God Made a Farmer,” reminds the audience of how dirty hard work is in a poetic sound. The photographs taken by ten acclaimed photographers emphasize these words and draw out the feelings about hard work. The typeface used at the beginning and end of the two-minute commercial, brings everything together: the current mythology present, the former belief, and the product. American society, in general, takes hard work as dirty and views themselves superior to said labor; however, hard work makes each success and reward so much sweeter than just getting them for no reason outside of wanting whatever that reward or success may be.

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