The Family 's Primary Nursing Diagnosis Essay

The Family 's Primary Nursing Diagnosis Essay

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Nursing Diagnosis 1
The family’s primary nursing diagnosis is interrupted family processes related to the shift in health status of a family member as manifested by decrease in mutual support and alteration in family satisfaction (Ackley & Ladwig, 2014).

Outcomes 1
Over the next 5 days each member of the family will explain a way that they will learn to express their feelings freely and appropriately. First, each member of the family will verbalize the understanding of the condition and treatment regimen they are dealing with in the family. Over the next 2 weeks each member of the family will have successfully expressed their feelings, when needed to, towards the stress of dealing with the shift in health status of their family member. By doing this, the family will have a better family process.
Interventions 1 (Ackley & Ladwig, 2014)
• Acknowledge difficulties and realities of the situation. This reinforces that some degree of conflict is to be expected and can be used to promote growth.
• Encourage the expression of anger. This helps to maintain the boundaries between the nurse and family.
• Encourage the family to participate in group therapy, if needed. This will help the family better understand how to deal with their emotions related to the shift in health status of their family member.
• Encourage the use of stress management techniques. These could include, relaxation time and exercises, appropriate expression of feelings, etc. This will assist the family members in a time of crisis.
• Make sure the family understands the importance of open dialogue between family members. This will help with unresolved feelings.
• Help these family members in a caring and respectful way. This will help the family develop trust an...

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.... These interventions include coping mechanisms such as stress reduced activities and advice for how the family can increase the support in their lives.
The anticipation is that your family is able to learn ways to deal with the feelings that come with feelings with having to cope during a difficult time. We hope you find ways to make your family closer with one another and that you are able to deal with this phase in your lives.
We hope your family is able to take some knowledge from this interview process that will help strengthen your relationships. Your family is very compassionate and full of endless love that these strategies provided will only reinforce those connections with one another. The interventions are used as a tool to help guide your family to cope effectively.
Ellen Burnson and Rachel Zubke, Student RNs, Bemidji State University.

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