Family Movies : A New Home And The Home Essay

Family Movies : A New Home And The Home Essay

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You know all those movies and stories where a family movies into a new home and the home itself is haunted or they find some sort of haunted object? Well, that happened to me however, this story isn 't exactly about me more or less about the object in question.

It all started when I moved into my new apartment when I turned 18. I had moved out of the house and living on my own I had a decent paying job so I could afford it. The apartment itself was nothing fancy, it was rather small as I couldn 't exactly afford some suite or anything. As I was cleaning the place up in between moving my stuff in I came across a small hidden space in my bedrooms closet. The space looked like it had been crudely cut out and then put back in place. I had blown off seeing what might be inside the small space until I had finished moving all my belongings in; it was about ten thirty at night when I had finally decided to have a look inside.

Upon opening the space I had noticed all that was inside was a worn out dusty journal smeared with what shockingly looked like old dried up blood..."cliche" I thought to myself. Next to the journal was a small Gameboy game, it was Pokemon Sapphire, or so I assumed based on the cartridge the name was scratched out and Sapphire happen to be my favorite game so I recognized it. I had no idea why they were together and only assumed it was either just coincidence or they actually had something to do with one another.

At the time I didn 't have a GBA or anything to play it on I left the Pokemon game alone and just went straight to the journal. Something in my gut told me to just get rid of them and that I would regret messing with either of them and, I should have listened. The journal had worn out and beat up pages,...

... middle of paper ... flashed in my window and that 's when I realized this was no insane persons ramblings. As the lightning flashed and thunder struck that 's when I saw her just for an instant but I know what I saw; it was May. She stood there for what seemed like an eternity but in reality was only a mere second or two but I could see every grim detail he spoke of in his journal, the teeth, the evil grin, the eerie sunken eyes, and even what appeared to be flesh stuck between her teeth.

Needless to say I no longer live in that apartment, I had moved out the very next day. I placed the Pokemon game and the journal back into the space i found them in and sealed it up with caulk and prayed no one would find it. To this day I have never played another Pokemon game with May in it or even looked at any merchandise of her because all I ever remember is that face....that terrifying face.

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