Advantages Of Watching Movies At Home

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atching movies can be considered a common American pastime. In fact America is second only to India when it comes to spending money on movies. There are multiple ways to participate in this activity whether the movies are watched at home or at a theater. Watching movies at home are more pleasurable experience to it being more comfortable, inexpensive, and convenient.
Though going out to the movies with friends can be a fun night out. It is not worth the loss of comfortability that is at home. When in a private setting how clean the surroundings are is a choice made by the participant. However whether or not the theater floor will be scattered with popcorn and, spilled drinks in a public setting is completely up to the theater. Walking to a seat in the dark only to hear crunching and squelching can be a very unsettling experience. Not to mention enduring the messy floor does not guarantee a good seat. Bad seating can vary from being too close to the screen to being too far from the screen. If seat is a good distance from the screen, it may be next to an obnoxious moviegoer. Whether they are texting, talking extremely loud, or have an unpleasant odor. Nonetheless snagging the “perfect” seat does not
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Going out to a movie requires extra effort in many forms. For one it is necessary to look presentable in the public eye. Therefore a outfit has to be picked or planned for. Secondly usually attending a movie isn’t a spur of the moment decision. So if going with a group a date and time that works for everyone has to be found. Then most likely the group is going to have to meet at the theater, and then try to find seats together. At home all it take is grabbing some snacks, getting cozy, and pressing the play button on the preferred device. Not being confounded by movie theater rules and social pressures to look nice. Talking as loud as preferred and wearing comfy pjs is totally acceptable in this

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