Family Is The Most Important Institution Of A Society Essays

Family Is The Most Important Institution Of A Society Essays

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Family is defined “as any relatively stable group of people bound by ties of blood, marriage, adoption; or by any sexually expressive relationship; or who simply live together, and who are committed to and provide each other with economic and emotional support.(Schwartz, 1994) Marriage can be defined as “a union between people (whether widely or legally recognized or not) that unites partners sexually, socially, and economically; that is relatively consistent over time; and that accords each member certain agreed-upon rights. (Schwartz, 1994) Every individual and every society in this world can fall under these two definitions at some point or another in their life. As human beings we have always longed to be apart of something bigger that can help meet our individual and social needs, such as basic survival and growth, we have found that the thing that makes us complete can be found through marriage and families. Even though marriages and families can be seen as the most important institution in a society, we as individuals have created other institutions that in retrospect affect the institution of marriage and families. An institution is a social structure that people cooperate in. This in turn influences the behavior of people and the way they live. Some of these institutions include but are not limited to education, the government, the economy, and religion. All of these things affect a marriage and family in some aspect or another, whether it be they way a parent raises their children or how two partners view and function in their union. For this paper I interviewed my father and mother and got insight on how they feel certain institutions affected their family and how they raised us children growing up. Whe...

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...ocial structure and cultural patterns and what factors or institutions affect the family may very well be based on the society, but I found that extended family, family lifestyle, and socioeconomic status are three factors that can and do affect almost every marriage and family in all societies. Extended family does have a positive and negative affect on a family’s well being, where as a family’s lifestyle plays a role in a parent child/relationship, SES can also affect parenting. Socialization can vary from individual to individual but the lifetime of social interaction in which people learn elements of culture are essential for effective participation in social life. Research can state what society views as the best method to have a successful family and marriage but it is ideally up to the individual to see what works best for them and their family and marriage.

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