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Family Abuse And Child Abuse Essay examples

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We have all heard the saying “Home sweet home” or “Home is where the heart is.” Unfortunately for numerous people, especially women and children, home is anything but a safe haven. In our society spouse abuse, elderly abuse and child abuse is a major family-related social issue. Family abuse comes in many forms, physical violence, sexual violence and psychological and emotional abuse. Nonetheless, family violence is not unusual, perhaps this reason is because nuclear families devote to spend so much time together which leads to emotional bonds integrated with emotional stressors that may trigger outbursts and violence if the person doesn’t know how to deal with stress in other healthier ways.
Our family influences our prospective as individuals. So when faced with abuse within the family it can influence our outlook of society. Especially for children who are still developing, when a child is abused in any way from a family member (mother, father, sibling). The effects of the abuse last throughout their lifetime and can influence every aspect of their life. The lifelong consequences can transpire into physical, mental, and psychological problems, this also applies to spousal abuse. Studies have shown that around five youths die each day due to child abuse and three or more adult females are murdered by their husbands/boyfriends per a day. 68% of children are abused by a relative and in addition 2.9 million incidents of child abuse are reported each year, here in the United States. As these children grown older studies have also shown that they are 59% more prone to be in prison as a juvenile, 28% chance of being incarcerate as an adult. Along with a 30% chance of being more prone to perform a violent crime in their lifetime. Any...

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...hat day. Conflict theory gives emphasis to the concept of supremacy, abuse, discrimination and inequity as influences towards violent behavior and delinquency against women and children. Conflict theory believes that there are three assumptions to why. They assume that humanity is created up of clusters with conflicting interests and child/spouse abuse is the product of not listening to their parents/spouse. Secondly, domestic abuse is an attempt to gain power and domination and lastly it is to keep that position of power by using violence.
I chose to write about the topic of abuse within families because to me this is a major family-related social issue. It’s a topic that our society doesn’t like to talk much about and when abuse takes place within the family, spouses and the children try to hide about what’s happening within the household from being shunned upon.

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