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The rise and fall of the Roman Empire has bewitched many historians, scholars, and archaeologists alike. This period in history would give way to brilliant leaders, a rising religion, technological advances, a stirring economy and robust army. However as the years would past, the once glorious empire would plummet from political turmoil, a deteriorating economy, religious unrest, and vicious attacks from foreign invaders. (Rosenwein 1-56). The history of the Roman Empire stretches over a thousand years with its foundation traced back to a mythical legend, where two twins named Romulus and Remus were left to die in a river. The twins saved by a she-wolf would later overthrow their king and discover the city of Rome in 753 B.C. After killing his brother over territorial control Romulus would become leader and name the fragile city Rome (Slayman).

The Roman Empire’s plight to political dominance and influence was not an easy task it would take many years for the sovereignty to reach its prime. The empire through a series of fierce battles and alliances with neighboring peoples would expand over time making its home along the Tiber River and south towards Campania near the Bay of Naples. Later conquering Epirus, Pyrrhus Kingdom in 280 BC renaming it Epirus vetus. In 295 BC, the Romans would defeat the Samnites and take control of Central Italy. By the 2nd century the Roman Empires population would swell to a massive 60 million spanning across “5 million square kilometers roughly 20 times the area of the United Kingdom” (Kelly 1-14). By the third century they would dominate over the Italian Peninsula and Mediterranean seas. The empire would eventually dominate fully what is now the Middle East, Africa, and Northern Europe (Kell...

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