The Decline of the Roman Empire

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The fall of Rome The Roman Empire stood for nearly five hundred years as world's strongest empire and is believed to have fallen sometime around 467 A.D. There are many reasons that lead to the Western Roman Empire decline. In this paper I will discuss what issues lead to this great empire's demise. The first proposed idea for the collapse of the Roman Empire is when Germanic migrations started, along with the aggressive westward movement of the Huns'. The Germanic people migrated into the outskirts of northern and eastern Rome where they adapted to the Roman society. The people known as Visigoths along with the Germanic people complied with the Roman rule and even joined within the ranks of the Roman Army. The compliance of Visigoth and Germanic people was in hopes of social order but the Romans were uninterested in allowing the Germanic and Visigoth people settlement within the empire. Overtime the relationship between Romans and Visigoth grew weakened and unstable. During this time a group known as the Huns' started to make their military presence known in the fifth century un...
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