Faith Influences People 's Lives Essay

Faith Influences People 's Lives Essay

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Faith influences people’s lives
Do you want to learn who your God is? once my granny asked me. I knew that God existed, but I had no idea who he was. When I was a 5-years-old girl, my granny showed me the church. It was a hot summer day and we were walking near the Black Sea. We stopped in front of the huge church with golden domes. I was impressed by its greatness. We came in, and granny started to tell me stories about God’s existence on the Earth. I do remember how beautiful this church was. Everything was in gold decorations, icons and the light was breaking through the windows. That moment I felt God inside of me. Since then God is always with me. For me believing in God has positive effects on my life, such as: knowing he is always near, learning from his lessons, and bonding with my grandmother in the afterlife.
The first positive effect on my life is that God is always near when I need him. When I talk to God and ask him for help when I am lost, sometimes I feel him nearby. So, I am sure that when people need God, he is always near. Once in my life, I had a very important ...

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