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Faith and the Heart Essay

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I. Introduction:
The reflection paper that I will discuss touches on some topics of importance to me that have been outlined in the first four weeks of this Course. I would like to discuss two topics that have proven relevant to me which are Mind, Reason and Logic and most importantly Faith and the Heart. I would like to start off by stressing that I am in a continual daily process of improving my beliefs and striving for my faith to become stronger daily. Fundamentally, the readings would not serve to be prudent if one did not get spiritually aroused in some capacity

II Reason
a) Theological Definition: The Bible defines reason as the cause, ground, principle or motive of anything said or done; that which supports or justifies a determination, plan of measure. (KJV)

b) Biblical Application: God wants us to use reason and logic to be assured of his existence. Isaiah 1:18 - Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. For the Christian, this implies that our sins can be taken away and become through his salvation. If a Christian did not apply these tools we would never understand his Authority. There is discourse certainly is using reason as a validation for God’s word. But to understand his word correctly would make perfect sense. God wants us to use our brain, he tells us this. There is applied logic when one is studying theology and wanting to conform to the Christian ways. The message is to understand biblical faith. This is simple we already know that the Bible and Jesus is true.

c Practical Application: This topic for me speaks volumes. It is important for ...

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...tribute this to the readings and the context of the work. Up to this point I have learned that we all have trials and sometimes can weather some pretty bad waves. But one thing I have learned is that I am not alone. For one I have my bible,that I can always go to for comfort. This is the difference between staying with your faith and giving up because of natures way of letting us know that we are just human and things can happen. One of the most gratifying moments has been that co-workers whom I would never know their religious affiliation will talk to me about personal matters and not feel awkward at all. The old saying that one wears heart ache on their sleeve, perhaps when we believe we also wear our heart on our sleeve

Towns, Elmer, “Core Christianity” (What is Christianity all About?) Published by AMG Publication, Copyright, 2007

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