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Factos That Influence Innovation Essays

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According to Flynn, Doodley & Cormican (2003) innovation is an intentional introduction and application within organizations new ideas, process or procedures which is basically designed and adopted to significantly benefit the organizations or the society at large. Innovation may occur in product, process, market, design or services (Otero-Neira, Lindman, & Fernandez, 2009). Human resource management refers to any policies, practices and systems that are able to influence the behavior, attitudes and performance of employees (De Cieri, et al. 2008). Some of firm-specific factors that influence innovation are organizational design, management style and human resource management and strategy. According to Vrakking, (1990) of these factors human resource management practices is considered to be the key element for successful innovation because human factor is involved in the entire process of innovation.
First, HR planning involves analyzing personnel demand and selecting qualified people in order to achieve organizational goals. To enhance innovativeness, HR planning recruits the right people with high creativity and establishes venture teams that develop and introduce new products effectively.
The role of the human resource management from an innovation perceptive includes training. Ding & Akhtar (2001) argues that training is important to develop skills and knowledge of employees needed for innovation as it has been established that there is a positive relationship between training provided to employees and innovation. Training should be designed to expose individuals to new and different experiences that facilitate the questioning of existing ways of working while reward systems must act as facilitators of...

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...nterprises in Three Cities in The PRC. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 12(6),946-964.

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