Essay on Factory Farming And Slaughterhouses

Essay on Factory Farming And Slaughterhouses

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It seems like the entire world is in more in demand for meat right now than when factory farming first started.Just in the U.S. alone ,over nine billion animals are being raised and slaughtered for human consumption every day (farm sanctuary).If that doesn't seem to shock you read this: just last year 10,509 of cattle were killed, 2,834,600 chickens were eliminated ,the number of hogs went up to 37,235 and the number of turkeys dead is 78,823 (humane society).It doesn't seem like a big deal but it in fact is: many of these animals are mistreated and live in unsanitary conditions some of which include cows ,pigs ,and chickens.
Not only does factory farming abuse animals ,they also cause damage to the environment .70% of land that supported the amazon rainforests ,have now been led to deforestation because It has been turned for the use of animal grazing (humane society).Factory farming has put a strain on resources such as land ,water and fossils fuels .This affects us deeply because the more the resources we need the for factory farming the less we have for other more important necessities (farm sanctuary).
This issue not only affects the environment and and animal rights ,it also affects our human health.many farming industries use growth hormones in farm animals to increase the weight of of an animals with all these chemicals which are not great for human consumption.factory farming may seem like a great idea for meat,milk,and egg production but it is indeed not ,it is actually the opposite and you will see the reasons why.In order to prevent more damage from this cycle we will have to come up with ideas that help us the animals and the enviroment.

First of all,many of the meat produced in these so called “farms...

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...d the supermarket .Just by doing this ,it will help save the environment, the lives of animals ,and ones health .
Thankfully there is something being done to alleviate the problem .Celebrities like Laura Marano the cause by starting meatless Mondays where people don't eat meat every Monday all year long(aspca).Theres also bills being passed to reduce the number of animals killed and the condition there living in (humane society).If we take matters in to our own hands we can stop this cycle of deceit and finally put an end to factory farming that began so long ago.

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