Essay on Factors That Affect School Effectiveness

Essay on Factors That Affect School Effectiveness

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In the first article “Factors that Limit School Effectiveness”, the writer shared very important factors that affect school’s effectiveness. The students, the parents, and the school and teachers all share the responsibility in increasing the effectiveness of the school. One of the biggest factors, in my opinion, is the teacher roll in the educational system. That factor explains why all students will be excited to one class and why some few students will be excited to another class. It’s the teachers’ effort to make the environment appropriate to gain and participate efficiently. Moreover, Qualified teachers make difference in the students’ motivation which is another important aspect enrich the education. Some students will be motivated by the teachers while others will be motivated by other purposes that may or may not help. As the writer mentioned in the article, some students will come to school to meet friends or they may come to make future, which will affect the whole educational process.
Another factor that was discussed is the parents’ and public perspectives about education as whole and about teachers too. How much the education is valued in one society? How much respect parents have to teachers? One family can illustrates the difference between being bias to their child and disrespecting to the teachers. This is a huge factor because the more the families have respect to teacher and the education as whole, the batter that the child will exquisite this value which will reflect in his school’s performance. Nevertheless, the poor attendance physically and mentally affects the school effectiveness and the students’ performance. It’s important to help the students and make every effort to guarantee the students are attendi...

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...ative to move to a private sector where you will have more liberty to make decisions on your own and to be creative at these decisions.
The last article “What Do Teachers Want from School Stakeholders” the writer moved to discuses the teachers’ needs and expectations from students, parents, administrations, other teachers, and communities. To be honest some of these twenty-five points made me think that teachers want another Utopia by Plato. As a teacher we wish to have certain wishes “ handworker students, supportive parents, respective communities, appreciative administrations, and cooperative colleagues. However, we as teacher should be more fixable to accept others, appreciate differences, and able to see the good things out of bad ones because teachers are “ difference makers”. A set of expectation from everyone might hold teachers’ creativity and initiative.

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