Essay on Factors Associated With Fetal Health

Essay on Factors Associated With Fetal Health

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Factors Associated With Fetal Health

Why is it so important for people to watch what they eat, and what they do when they’re pregnant?? To understand the answer to this question we must realize that everything we do when we’re pregnant may affect our baby for the bad or for the good. What were looking for is to have a healthy pregnancy, thus leading to (hopefully) a healthy, normal infant, and later on a healthy adult. Expectant mothers must know what affects the pregnancy.

Nutrition is a very important factor for a healthy pregnancy. Expectant mothers must know what is dangerous for her to eat and what is necessary to eat. The first month of pregnancy is called the critical period. During this time the expectant mom has to be extra cautious of her nutrition. At the end of the first month the baby is shifting from an embryo to fetus. The mother should start taking folic acid three months before she gets pregnant which may help prevent spina bifida. This is when there is a defect in the spine which can lead to learning disabilities. Spina bifida is a defect in the neural tube which is the part of the fetus that will become the brain and spinal chord. The expectant mother also has to make sure she has a well balanced diet. There is such a thing as a mal nourished fetus which can lead to retardation. Babies below 5 pounds are considered low birth rate, and have a higher risk of a learning problem. When the baby gets below 3 pounds he’ll need NICU. If the mother is mal nourished the fetus cannot grow properly. When the pregnant mother is smaller than expected and the baby is born early that means he was stunted at growth. They are usually called premature. A pregnant woman should know what her diet should contain. The fetus need...

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...e child should bond. This is a new idea to promote attachment mechanisms. The baby is placed on the mom’s abdomen, directly on the skin, this brings them close together. Slowly the baby will begin to crawl towards the breast. This is referred to the breast crawl. This will only happen if you don’t rush and let the baby reach the breasts on its own for its first feeding. This is the first step of the bonding process. The mother has high levels of oxytocin, the love hormone; this promotes a strong bond to form between the mother and child while they are bonding whether through touch, nursing or other attachment mechanisms. Breast feeding promotes strong anti-depressant effects and secures attachment mechanisms.

To conclude, pregnancy is a very crucial time. We must always remember what we do when were pregnant will affect the baby either negatively or positively.

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