Facebook Is The New Weed ( Not The News Feed ) Essay

Facebook Is The New Weed ( Not The News Feed ) Essay

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Facebook is the New Weed (not the News Feed)
Why is Mark Zuckerberg the 21st century 's greatest drug dealer?

Because it may seem too obvious, you have probably never thought about the difference between Facebook and Marijuana. You have also presumably never asked yourself if there is an actual difference.

What is the difference between Facebook and Marijuana? Is there one?

Obviously, yes! There is one difference. Facebook is legal in North America; Marijuana is not—with a few exceptions in the U.S. If you still think we are flying over a field of obviousness, let’s take a look to the mere reason for that : there is none. Despite all technical aspects––Facebook being a website and Marijuana dried hemp leaves, for instance––there is no real difference between those two things, in my opinion. They are just as dangerous as each others when used improperly. I am not aiming to condemn social networking nor recreational drug use. Not at all. I only want to show, because a disturbing number of points in common Facebook and Marijuana share has led me to think so, that those two things affect people the same way and that they should be handled with the same caution.

If Facebook is legal, so should be Marijuana; if Marijuana is illegal, so should be Facebook.

There is clearly an incoherence.

Origins & Noble Purposes

The first and probably most important similarity between Facebook and Marijuana is that, even though they come from different periods and locations, they were both innocuous in the beggining. Their damaging aspects have only shown afterward years of evolution and development. This is thus understating that Facebook and Marijuana are not fundamentally bad. On the contrary, they both had very noble purposes at the time.

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...ost people have joined Facebook for the exciting feeling of being connected to their whole network. It obviously provides a thrill. The thing is that, and this is no longer a fact to prove, Facebook is altering people 's brains as the result of years of training. The way users can seek and find information about their friends and relatives bring them doses of dopamine. Also, it is a great love-hate relationship, which makes people stick on the social network. Indeed, Facebook encourages narcissism and the care of our own image––which is a good thing for the ego––, but it makes users face other users ' egos––which is not a good thing at all. A generalized individualism and narcissism on the social network turned what used to serve social interests into a selfishness battlefield. People tend to show off as well as to boast. Since war is a drug, this competition is too.

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