The Extremism Of The Brown Priests Essay

The Extremism Of The Brown Priests Essay

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The extremism of the brown priests varied from those who would agitate individuals to join the Nazi party to calling for direct action to be taken against enemies of the state. Primary examples of party sympathizers who epitomize brown priests’ ideals are Karl Konig and Josef Roth. People like Karl Konig justified state actions against its own people. Konig claimed that the “state only harmed people and groups harmful to Germany,”8these groups would include Jews, Cripples, and other Asocials not valid to be part of German’s pure racial stock, Konig himself declaring the coming of Hitler as a blessing that smashed “all that was evil in Germany.”9Ignorant statements such as these further reinforced Nazi ideals coupled with their religious positions, as priests, were able to influence others opinions as well. Konig would also make denouncements of the Center party for its ties to the Jewish people, calling the connection “baneful” as well as preaching violence towards those who he considered to be “enemies of the state.”10
Joseph Roth, also an avid party member, assisted in the proliferation of Nazi Ideology in his book “Catholicism and the Jewish Question.” Roth argued that the German people had to embrace the new radical anti-Semitism to rid Germany from Jews and their corrupt influence. His extreme statements called for German people to take away their (Jews) “enjoyment… rights as citizens” along with other the implementation of legislation to suppress the Jewish people from participating in society.11
It is important to note while being a part of the same religious order that Lichtenberg and Von Preysing were a part of, Konig and other Brown priests had the habit of denouncing Catholicism and its institutions. Roth who went a...

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...e specifically the Catholic organizations and its parishioners allowed for varied opinions and as result varied actions to be taken or not taken by those people. In these actions we can accomplices manifest themselves as chaplains and Brown priests who sought to uphold Nazi Ideals we also see the paragon of Catholicism in Lichtenburg who may be the sole person in Nazi Germany who held a substantial position who stood by the Jewish people. However as a whole the nation these two extremes do not represent the struggle that took place. The reality of the situation was most Catholic Clergy chose to fight the battles and defend the people they felt almost comfortable with, this cannot be considered as valiant since in its nature it shows nepotism to a particular group and forgoing and without acknowledging the tragedies and struggles that happened parallel to their own.

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