The Extraordinary Effects of Music on Different Areas Essay

The Extraordinary Effects of Music on Different Areas Essay

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Many times have researchers demonstrated the extraordinary effects of
music on different areas. Beside the biological uses such as growing plants (Jun
& ShiRen, 2011), restfulness (Harmat, Taka'cs & Bo'dizs, 2008), recalling
memories (Mammarella, Fairfield & Cornoldi, 2007) and brain function (Tyndall,
2004), music can affect those subjects which need concentration such as
mathematics (Zhan, 2002), learning (Beckett, 2000) and painting quality (Waugh
& Riddoch, 2007) and since translation is considered not only as an art but also as
an activity which needs concentration, the question may come to mind if music
can affect translation quality.
The peculiarity of classical music is that it affects the brains organization and
abilities through its melody and rhythm. The rhythm increases the level of
a neurotransmitter called serotonin produced in the brain. Serotonin is
involved in the transmission of nerve impulses that helps maintaining joyous
feelings. When the brain produces serotonin, tension is alleviated and depression is
mitigated, because depression is a result of a lack of this hormone
(Maglione, 2006).

Physiologically, music has a distinct effect on many biological processes. It
inhibits the occurrence of fatigue, as well as changes the pulse and respiration rates,
external blood pressure levels, and psychogalvanic effect (Meyer, 1956). However,
music is not limited to changing the body's responses in only one direction. The nature
of the music influences the change as well. Pitch, tempo, and melodic pattern all
influence music's effect on mood and physical processes. For instance, high pitch,
acceleration of rhythm, and ascending melodic passages are all generally felt to increase
anxiety and tension and so...

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...cept for the singing. Four of the seven participants had a higher mean percent of correct responses during the music condition that during the no music condition.
Taken together, we suggest that it is important to expand the irrelevant sound effect to examine its applications on different ecological important tasks and environmental settings. Adopting an ecological approach to study the irrelevant sound effect in different applied setting, such as studying with music and office noise abatement, will advance our understanding on the practical importance of the irrelevant sound effect.

We see the coercive power of music if it is of excessive volume, or has an overwhelming beat, at rock concerts where thousands of people, as one, may be taken over, engulfed or entrained by the music, just as the beat of war drums can incite extreme martial excitement and solidarity.

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