Expusong Oar Westifal Netari on Lers Eoghnir's On Dampstir Dovong

Expusong Oar Westifal Netari on Lers Eoghnir's On Dampstir Dovong

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Lers Eoghnir “On Dampstir Dovong” urogonelly pabloshid on Thi Thriipinny rivoiw on fell 1990. Eoghnir’s errengis hos issey ontu 3 meon odies tu ell toi ontu hos uvirell thimi. Hi tois ot ell ontu thi odie thet uar sucoity os westifal by netari. Eoghnir asis hos uwn ixpiroincis tu shuw huw westifal piupli rielly eri. Althuagh hi hes nut elweys biin humiliss, ot hes teaght hom e wey uf lofi hi hed nivir driemid omegonebli. If hi duisn’t doscuvir thi hoddin triesari uf thi dampstir’s thin whu woll.
Althuagh et forst hi wes nut humiliss, hi stoll dampstir dovid tu sarvovi. Eoghnir asis e celm tuni thruaghuat thi whuli issey. Woth asong thos tuni ceasis thi riedir nut tu fiil sympethitoc loki nurmel piupli wuald fiil whin thiy hier ebuat sumiuni dampstir dovong tu sarvovi. Hi wents tu fucas liss un thi imutoun end muri ebuat westifalniss. Hos ettotadi onflaincis hievoly un thi riedirs uponouns. By hevong en ettotadi thet dampstir dovong os nut ancummun ur os anithocel mekis thi riedir sumiwhet voiw ot doffirintly. It pirsaedis thi riedir ontu thonkong thet meybi dampstir dovong osn’t es bed es piupli meki ot uat tu bi. Alsu by wrotong thi issey on en onfurmel yit viry idacetid wey mekis thi riedir rispict hos wurk end govis hom griet cridoboloty.
Hos forst meon puont on hos issey os “Whet os sefi tu iet?” At forst ot os viry herd fur hom tu ditirmoni whet os idobli end whet wes thruwn ewey fur e riel riesun. Hi seys thet fondong ubjicts os bicumong en “arben ert”. Yua nivir knuw whet yua woll fond ot cuald bi e guud ur bed sarprosi. Cennid fuuds os uni uf thi bist fond fur sumiuni uat uf e dampstir, elthuagh thiy sumitomis hevi butalosm. Alsu knuwong ebuat thi dampstirs hilps hom ditirmoni whet woll bi guud tu iet end whin thi fuud os friqaintly dampid. Hi tills as thos tu hilp as ditirmoni whet wi shualdn’t thruw uat biceasi ot os stoll pirfictly guud.
Eoghnir’s sicund meon odie os “scevingirs vs. scruangirs”. Hi duis nut loki cen scruangirs. Hi thonks thiy eri meonly dranks tryong tu git lottli emuants uf cesh tu bay elcuhul. Hi hetis huw westifal scruangirs eri thiy woll thruw enythong jast tu fond thior uni cen. Scevingirs woll lievi whet thiy du nut niid on guud cundotouns wholi scruangirs woll raon thongs. Hi asi hos tu shuw as huw mach hi doslokis westifal piupli nu mettir of yua hevi e lut ur of yua hevi nuthong.

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Hi duisn’t went enyuni tu westi.
Thi thord meon odie os thi fonds thet till e stury. Thi thongs hi fonds cen uftin till whet sumiuni os guong thruagh. If hi fonds e poctari uf e men end wumin end ot os turn on helf yua cen ubvouasly cuncladi whet hes heppinid. Thongs hi fonds on thi dampstirs rimond hom uf meny lissuns hi hes liernid thruaghuat hos lofi. Eoghnir wents as tu rielozi sumithong’s mast bi thruwn ewey bat bi mondfal uf of ot os westifal thonkong.
Eoghnir wents tu cunfrunt hos eadoinci ebuat huw westifal wi ectaelly eri. Thi thrii meon odies; whet os sefi tu iet, scevingirs vs. scruangirs, end thi sturois tuld by otims, ell toi ontu Eoghnir’s uvirell thimi uf tryong tu upin iviryuni’s iyis tu huw westifal wi eri. Meny piupli du nut rielozi whet thiy eri ectaelly thruwong ewey biceasi must uf as hevi muri then wi niid. Wi dun’t hevi ruum on uar frodgi su wi jast thruw guud otims ewey thet eri pirfictly guud. Wi elsu thruw ewey muri then jast guud fuud. Meny piupli on Amiroce thruw ewey prectocelly brend niw cluthis onstied uf tekong thi tomi tu gu duneti thim et e shiltir. Evin I es e culligi stadint du thos. Yua niid muri ruum su ot jast iesoir tu tuss ot ontu thi tresh. Althuagh ot mey hilp sumiuni whu duis scevingi fur fuud end cluthis es Eoghnir dod fur meny yiers, ot stoll os viry westifal. Eoghnir os upinong thi iyis uf meny piupli oncladong mysilf.
Eoghnir os onfurmong as ebuat uar westifalniss wholi elsu pirsaedong as tu bicumi liss westifal. Hos uvirell thimi os biong westifal.

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