An Analysis Of Lars Eighner On Dumpster Diving

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Can you ever imagine yourself being homeless or penniless and having to dumpster dive? In the essay, “On Dumpster Diving”by Lars Eighner, he explains his experience in dumpster diving and what he has gone through, from getting sick to being successful. If I were Lars Eighner the location that I would have chosen to dumpster dive is Pleasanton because of the high percentage of wealthy people, low percentage of homeless people, and a strong chance of finding food. To begin, there is a high percentage of wealthy people who live in Pleasanton, which is why it is the perfect place to dumpster dive. I know that the majority of the wealthiest people donates their elegant/nice clothing because they get tired of it, think it’s unfashionable, or…show more content…
For food, I would be aiming for the healthy/organic food. I would look for the food that is sealed/brand new. In my opinion, if the food looks in good condition then it is more likely that it is expired. Also, it all depends on the type/product of the food. For example, I would definitely not take yogurt, milk, or any other dairy product because I am lactose-free. The places that I would be looking for the food are Whole foods and Traders Joe’s because they are my favorite stores and they always throw away the bad/expired food. To add on, I will also be looking in Safeway, for the reason that I always go to a Safeway located in Pleasanton. I go to Pleasanton because it is located right next to the Orthodontist that I go to. I always tend to compare the Safeway from Pleasanton to the one from Fremont. The one from Pleasanton is clean, organized, and their merchandise is of good quality, which is not that easy to find in Fremont. The Pleasanton Safeway even has a restaurant section in which they have freshly cooked food like Chinese food, sushi, soups, chicken, and sandwiches. I say that the food is freshly cooked because you are able to see the professional chefs actually cooking the food from scratch. The restaurant would help me because I know that they throw away the food that they cooked for that day because they only serve fresh/cooked food. I am going to be able to hunt for that good food in the night. In Pleasanton, there is a strong chance to find food for a homeless person like

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