Exploring The Gilded Age Essay examples

Exploring The Gilded Age Essay examples

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Exploring The Gilded Age

From the period between the 1870’s through the 1890’s, it became an era known as the Gilded Age. The term was characterized by a famous American Literature author named Mark Twain. The writer tried to point out that the term means that while on the outside society may seem perfect and in order, underneath there is poverty, crime, corruption, and many other issues between American society’s rich and poor. This era’s gild is thicker than the cheaper material it’s covering. This can be shown through the countless numbers of achievements and advances America has made during the period of reconstruction and expansion, industrialization, and foreign affairs.
Post Civil War, America was looking for new opportunities to become a stronger and more efficient nation. Though reconstruction collapsed, they took the opportunity of the Manifest Destiny to gain the territories of the Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican-American War and settle the west. With this expansion, it provided numerous opportunities for the people to gain success alongside the nation. The gold rush caused an increase in immigration that brought more people to the newly flourishing nation, and allowed the west coast to become settled as well as help the economy from the new wealth. The land that was gained in the Louisiana Purchase provided the Great Plains, where pioneers settled and ranching operations were run. Though it sadly pushed away the native tribes who originally lived there, throughout the gilded age the government has tried to return to them their land and rights – and gives them reparations today. All of which provided a basis to the American dream that gave the opportunity for a better life to many people. Towns and economy was...

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...ght in big situations, cooperate with other countries and help

others out in times of need. The question is still debatable on many terms.

In conclusion, America has had good and bad times which have brought us closer but at the

same time farther because of our ignorance and greed which has only hurt us in most needed situations.

To most it will be seen as the Gilded Age but also to most it is just seen as a period of great

industrialization. It is hard to factor all of those periods into once period such as the 1800’s as a whole.

To all though, it was definantly a time of good and accomplishments, and bad which is not always bad

because it gave us something to use for the future to prep us for all of the mistakes that can be easily

dealt with or in many cases, avoided. Gilded age or not, it was a great and improving period of time.

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