Essay On The Gilded Age

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The Gilded Age within the United States represents an era that was marked by extensive economic growth as well as massive social engagements. The labor force conditions within the country were very attractive when compared to the rest of Europe and this served to attract a large number of immigrants. Furthermore, coupled with the explosive industrial growth, the Gilded Age turned out to be a prosperous as well as a treacherous era particularly for the jobless immigrants. At a social level, the Gilded Age was responsible for questioning some of the long-standing social ideals that had been in place for centuries. The following sections address the economic and social trends that acted to shape the United States into what it is today . Furthermore, it also addresses the different implications of these changes on the population, government, and foreign partners. The main argument revolves around the idea as to whether the Gilded Age was beneficial or detrimental in shaping America. On an economic front, the Gilded Age marked the most remarkable economic improvement in America’s history. Over a period of a century, the country’s economy grew by approximately 400% . Technology wise, the American academic population invested in the development of advanced machines such as vehicles and production of equipment. The main factors of production: land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship were abundant and their exploitation was promoted by the government and the private sector in equal measure. It is important to note the minimal contribution of the American government that was influential in creating a laissez-faire economy that was unique to the country . Other countries have had significant government presence in controlling the economy ... ... middle of paper ... ...n improved and refined until the current era . Conclusion The Gilded Age was characterised by massive extremes in all major tenets of life including the economy, the society, politics, and religion. An age questioned most of the earlier principles and norms that had been practised for centuries. In general, the Gilded Age witnessed the creation of most of the building blocks that moulded the United States into what it is today. Politically, the Gilded Age provided the fundamental reforms that limited the extensive powers assumed by the Congress and businesspersons. Economically, the Gilded Age experienced massive economic growth coupled with massive innovation and industrialization . Wage and labor conditions in the United States also improved significantly, and this was influential in creating a formidable labor force that could champion for employee privileges.