A Summary Of The Brotherhood Of Kings By Amanda Podany

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914 words

Amanda Podany’s “Brotherhood of Kings” deals with similar diplomatic ties also international and social relations between kingdoms and dynasties. Dividing each kingdom into its own we will see a slight change in history’s value of warfare and hardship as war turns into a brotherhood of kings who all cherish and value the same luxuries. In comparison to other ancient kingdoms Podany demonstrates that as we come across many different artifacts we can see that history had taken a huge turn expanding our minds to see this era in a positive perspective. But how did this brotherhood begin? Who knew that something so simple such as language and writing could bring kingdoms together. In attempt to explain something so significant I will …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that cuneiform, one of the earliest forms of writing from the city of sumer, became a popular writing form.
  • Analyzes how podany's exemplary explanations of the trade that occurred during the old babylonian period educate the reader upon the mesopotamian and persian gulf trade through description.
  • Analyzes how podany demonstrates that history had taken a huge turn expanding our minds to see this era in 'a positive perspective.'
  • Analyzes how pharaohs and priests formed a formation between the almighty and weakest. most cities weren't militarized and this gave those cities an advantage to conquer other cities just because they had the power.
  • Analyzes how podany's vision of diplomacy provided the influence of decision making between kingdoms which made them closer.

Podany aim She follows this up with the description of the trade between Anatolia and Old Assyrian where, as well as the trade between the Persian Gulf and Mesopotamia, she thoroughly discusses the details and the changes that were made between the two. However she does lack in reliability of information of the Minoan pottery located in Lahun. Fortunately though in this chapter she is able to overcome her lack of reliable information in order to tie in an introduction of Literature of the old Babylonian world. This is done by using a tale of Sinuhe. This tale explores the adventures taken in Sinai and Canaan. The significance of this story is not of how grammatically sound they were years ago but how much of a resemblance they had along with modern people with their storytelling. More importantly it introduces the realization that human nature has been so similar throughout these years. A story seemingly not complex in the slightest to a modern reader in reality is very complex due to the fact that they implemented somewhat of a “hero story” within their writings. With this Podney puts their literary writings on a pedestal due to the fact that something so intriguing and similar though yet very different at the same time can be produced from such a pre conceiving “primitive” time of human …show more content…

She utilizes the messenger Keliya in the restoration of ties within countries of egypt. shortly after discussing this Podany excellently discusses the shift from Pharaohs and Kings to large amounts of power given to women. These “queens” or women of power were the first of their kind and were able to establish a lasting impression upon the egyptian people even without being in sight most times or the moments when they would arrive at their destination. Using this to describe the Armana period was especially significant because it introduces somewhat of a mail system that was not recently created until this period. Also Podany’s usage of the women in power helps readers understand how complex their society soon became in the Armana period. Showing that women do not have to be stuck with a lowly position in society, this realization came about once again during the women’s rights

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