Exploring The Atmosphere And Visualize The Scene Essay

Exploring The Atmosphere And Visualize The Scene Essay

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Coming to the end of this class I have learned a lot about what it takes to make a piece of literature leave you feeling a certain way. A lot goes into setting up a atmosphere in a story because you are not really seeing it in front of your face so you must imagine it. The author wants you to imagine a certain scene and feel a certain way through their words and descriptions. An important component to making a reader understand the atmosphere and visualize the scene is by the setting. Setting is where a specific event is taking place. Without setting it would be hard for a reader to not only visualize but to even understand the theme, tone and the atmosphere. Throughout this semester we learned this from genres such as short story, poems and novels.
A short story is just like any other developed story with a significant theme but it is just generally a lot story than a normal story. With that being said, it is even more important to get the theme across and the atmosphere along with the tone of the story in such a short amount of time. In the short story unit, I came across a short story by Kate Chopin called The Story of an Hour (Chopin 236). This story is about how a women finds out that her husband has been killed in an accident and the author leads us to believe that she is so heartbroken that her own heart gives way and she dies. But in the reality of it I believe she died of not only the death of her husband but because of the excitement of finally being free of her husband. A large sum of the story is spent describing the setting of the story. For example after she was informed of her husbands passing the author says, “ There stood, facing the open window, a comfortable, roomy armchair. Into this she sank, pressed down ...

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...ies I have previously red I was able to see even more so why setting is important. Setting is more than just a way of showing people where something is taking place in any form of literature wether it be a poem, short story or a novel. Setting helps further develop the theme by giving you a feel for the atmosphere that is going on in the setting as well as the tone. If the setting is taking place in a garden on a sunny day you know that the atmosphere is positive and the tone will be more of a happy one and the theme in that moment will most likely not be negative as opposed to if the setting was taking place on a dark and rainy day in a basement you would know that this is not meant to be happy. Setting is one of the first things you learn when learning about English and I think that often times we forget of its importance and how much it really develops the story.

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