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Setting - Identify the physical (when/where) settings of the book. How do these settings affect the moods or emotions of the characters?

The setting of the novel is located in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, under the harsh Taliban rule. The Taliban governs most of the country and impose stringent restrictions on the Afghan people, especially women (P.7 “She wasn't really meant to be outside at all. The Taliban had ordered all girls and women in Afghanistan to stay inside their homes. They even forbade girls to get to school.”) The location of the novel influences the emotions and moods of the characters to be depressed and stressed because the location is set in a violent situation where houses continually being bombed and land mines are anchored everywhere in the city (P.16 “There were bombed-out buildings all over Kabul. Neighbourhoods had turned from homes and businesses into bricks and dust. Kabul had once been beautiful.”) Parvana and her family lives in a one-room house after moving for safety several times which cause everything to be congested in one place. This is difficult for anyone in Parvana's family to be alone which triggers tension amongst one another. The setting of the story is set in a nation under a turmoil of war and chaos which portrays the main character, Parvana, to be depressed and deeply emotional.


Describe how tension is built-in the novel. Discuss how this building tension affects you as a reader.

Tension starts to build up when four Taliban soldiers come to Parvana’s apartment, ransack their house and capture their father to prison.

Parvana is becoming anxious and concerned about her father (P.35 “Where was her father? Did he have a soft place to sleep? Was he cold? Was he hungry?”). Fatana (Parvana’s mother) wants her husband back desperately (P.37 “We don’t have time to wait for tea. Parvana and I are going to get your father out of jail”) Parvana and her mother started to search for their father at the prison. When they arrive, the guards turn them down and beat them. Parvana and her mother return home bruised and battered (P.46 “Mother’s feet were so bad from the long walk that she could barely make it into the room. Parvana had been so preoccupied with her own pain and exhaustion, she hadn’t given any thought to what mother had been going through.”) Parvana's mother is feeble and languishing of poignancy over her husband; the family is struggling to sustain a living since women are forbidden to go outside their home and there is no man to help make money for the family (P.

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