Exploring Physical Activity At School Essay

Exploring Physical Activity At School Essay

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Exploring Physical Activity
a. Before, during, and after school;
Before school:
By looking at my journal, for some days I went jogging in the morning before I went to school. I think it’s a good thing that I should do this every day because it helps me be calm and collective. I am also stress-free and able to think better throughout my day. Lately I haven’t been jogging because I sleep very late from loads of homework in class. I am not able to wake up early. If I do, I’ll try to finish of my homework. I think other opportunities I can’t get to be physically active is taking short breaks doing my studying session. Staying in a seat for a couple of hours is bad for the body. I can try body stretches or wall sits to loosen the tension of my muscles. Another thing I can attempt to do is quick bike riding in the mornings around my street for physical activity.
During school:
During school I have a lot of workouts because I am engaged in a gym class. It was an opportunity for me to be physically active and I enjoyed doing new sports and stretches. (As shown in my journal) I think other opportunities to be more active is to get outside and play games when the weather gets warmer. The reason I suggest that is that there is a wide variety of areas and less people will get hurt from. We can also push our self to be more active because of the space and to see how our body keeps up with the pace. In the outside there are many sports we can do such as soccer, football, baseball and many others.
After school:
After school I tend to do the same workouts that I do during school. (As shown in my journal) I tend to add a bit more sometimes like squats, if I have time in my hands. For more opportunity to have physical activity in the summer I woul...

... middle of paper ...

...he worst year for me. The thing I am very stressed at is homework and assignments. How I cope with the stress is having short breaks in between my study sessions. This helps me cool of and to be able to have some time for myself. It is a really useful method for me. Other time I will try to finish of all my work in one go and edit it the next day. If I finish everything in one go, I feel good about myself that I had done something and I am stress-free from it. My most stress reliever method is my squishy ball. It gets rid of all of my stress, anxiety, and other things. I feel very good after that. Exercising helps me a lot to. It fixes up my mood and energy throughout my day and I am able to perform better in my opinion. This is how I cope with stress.
My future goal is to find more methods to subdue my stress level or have a positive mindset to get rid of my stress.

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