Essay on Explanation of a Human Being

Essay on Explanation of a Human Being

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People have many different descriptions of the nature of human beings. Basically, a human being belongs to the species Homo sapiens, whether a man, woman, or child. The term human being can be described many different ways, taking into account diverse lifestyles and such characteristics as trustworthiness and religious beliefs.
For instance, human beings have diverse life styles. For example many human beings live a simple life style. According to the author of the essay “Could you live with less” a simple lifestyle is “lush with comfort and convenience… I have a monastically simple life” (Mills 571). For a simple lifestyle many human beings do not use a lot of technology or do not utilize it at all but, do use what is necessary.As a result, since it is a simple life style many people are healthier because they have more time to take care of themselves. Now another life style that a human being has is a luxurious life style. In this life style there tends to be more technology involve in a human being almost like if technology was at the center of their life. Like mills mention...

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