Explaining Myself As A Student Of Critical Thinking Essay

Explaining Myself As A Student Of Critical Thinking Essay

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Part one: Assessing myself as a student of critical thinking   
Yes, I am gaining command over a range of critical thinking skills that I have used to acquired other knowledge. I gained these skills by examining my own thinking and identifying my strenghts and weakness in my thought process.  
My work I have done inside and outside of class has progressed throughout the semester. Towards the ending of the class my work been more clear, well thought out, and is precis.  
I understand key terms and concepts about thinking critically and I am applying them to my everyday life. I also have a hold of the distinctions of critical thinking and I am trying to apply them to my life as well. 
I am going as far as using my critical thinking skills to identify critical thinking problems, that happen in my life. I know that I have the ability to identify critical thinking problems at a  intermediate level of critical thinking. 
Part two: Evidence of understanding concepts and ability to apply them  
If you have to take a position FOR or AGAINST gun control, which would it be?  Explain why you wou...

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