Essay Experiment on Reactions to Breaking Social Norms

Essay Experiment on Reactions to Breaking Social Norms

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In order for you to continue to stay accepted in the current social society you live in today you must follow a certain set of social norms throughout your life, most of the time you do without even realizing it. As well as be followed social norms are broken everyday all around you on all sorts of different levels some harmless and some more serious and punishable such as stealing. Since I have moved out to Santa Barbara and have been experiencing life here now in school and outside of class I have really come to love the beautiful scenic and friendly feel that is given off here with the excessive palm trees on the streets filled with young eager students adjusting to the new college feel and experience finally living away from home on their own. I have definitely been noticing many new changes compared to back at home in Berkeley California where I had grown up my whole life realizing that social norms seem to slightly change as I travel down south. A distinct difference I had noticed when first moving out here is the drop in disabled homeless around town asking for change or money which seemed like an ordinary social norm back home. In Berkeley I would take the bart track to San Francisco every week for school and would rarely go a day without encountering all types of people everywhere asking for help and offering something for sale. I have noticed here in Santa Barbara the community is much more wealthy and seems to not be exposed to as much poverty everyday like you may living in a big city. I began to wonder what the reaction would be if I chose to break the social norm loitering around campus and downtown Isle Vista asking around for money or help. I decided to try testing out this experiment with a few different types of ...

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... I would try asking only adults that seemed age of thirty or older. I noticed a much different reaction between the age groups and most of the individuals I approached were very caring and concerted. I was offered money almost 4 times out of the about 10 adults I asked in a short period of time. This was a huge jump from only two or three gestures so far through out the whole experiment. I of course denied the money from everyone and continued to explain what it was I was trying to accomplish. I do believe if I was a few years older and looked the part of an older adult my reactions from them might not have been so generous but could not know unless tested. I was really surprised with the difference in help offered between the two age groups. I figure that someones social norms must change as they they get older and maybe feel obligated to help a kid in need.

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