Essay on Expanding Our Horizons – Animal Welfare Concerns

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After a state of the art breakthrough at a scientific laboratory, several tested animals became capable of human intellectual capabilities and emotions. During an unseen event, they escape the facility, no longer remaining hostage as test experiments. Ten years pass and now the roles have reversed. These super hybrid animals are now the top of the food chain and humans are their pawns. In a reversal of roles, zoos now hold humans in depicted natural environments and local grocery and department stores are farms where forced humans eat, breed, and slaughter for animal consumption. This change of events became due to years of neglected rights and abuse to the animals.
Sounds like the next Hollywood blockbuster movie, right? The rights of animals should be empathized because they too feel pain like humans. The lack of research and public knowledge of animal and human similarities degrade results for the animal welfare movement for fair and ethical treatment. Solutions to consider are understanding through science that animals have similar feelings as humans and substantial support of animal welfare movements.
Animals too also feel pain; have feelings, and emotions similar to humans. The controversy of this issue can relate along to that of slavery. In the case of slavery, African Americans endured unfair treatment to their health, feelings, pain, emotions, etc due to their skin hue. Similarly, because animals are of a different species, their treatment involves the same consequences. The negative costs of these actions are not justifying a set standard of animal welfare. Nationwide we continue to see cases of animal abuse, neglect, and torture at the expense of a lack of consideration. These actions have created a n...

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...nimal welfare research and the involvement of public knowledge, discovering other sources of studies and humanely scientific practices can continue to advance and stray away from actual animal testing while understanding another species (Medina, 2008).

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