The Existence Of God By Rene Descartes Essays

The Existence Of God By Rene Descartes Essays

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The existence of God has been in question and argued amongst people for who knows how long. It has troubled mankind for thousands of years. Many philosophers have tried their best to prove that there may or may not be a God. Rene Descartes and Saint Anselm are two philosophers that each had their own proofs for the existence of God. I will be looking at the similarities, differences, and the persuasion of their proofs.
Often known as the father of modern philosophy or modern thought, Rene Descartes came up with proofs to prove the existence of God in his Meditations on First Philosophy. His proof(s) of the existence of God are based on the compilation of proofs that were well-known among other philosophers. Descartes proves the existence of God using an ontological argument. This proof focuses on causal reasoning, which suggests that any cause leads to a certain effect. Therefore, there must be a cause of the idea of God. Descartes ' proof would be best explained this way: “Though my idea of God might have come from my father, and my father 's idea of God might have come from a priest, the suggestion is that at the end of that causal chain, there is a first cause, which is God.” The causal chain is that when there is a cause, there is an effect that follows. What this proof means is that all things have a beginning. All the change in the universe starts from some unmovable source. In this case, that unmovable source is the “first cause,” or God. However, this proof has since been disapproved because it revolved around a flawed understanding of causation which assumed that all causal chains must have a first cause.
Saint Anselm of Canterbury also made a stride to prove the existence of God using the ontological argument. In Ansel...

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...hurch. I participated in the bible studies, prayers, and even worked for their summer day camp, where I taught other kids about God. However, after all that, I still do not believe he exists. Descartes claims that the causal chain must have a starting point, in which case, an unmovable source. His proof seems more logical than Anselm’s, but people will make an argument that everything was not caused from God. This is where science gets involved.
The existence of God was once never questioned. His existence and presence was showcased in miracles and the people 's faith. But time and the advancement of modern science have called God and his very nature into question. The supreme being has become the source of much doubt and controversy. What was once certain and surely unquestionable has become the most questioned. The faithful, believing people are becoming doubtful.

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