Essay on Executive Summary : Early Bird Coffee

Essay on Executive Summary : Early Bird Coffee

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Executive Summary

Early Bird Coffee will be a small coffee stall that is run with the community in mind. The stall will be situated in the Outeniqua Farmers Market where it will surpass the other beverages stalls by selling nothing but the best quality hot beverages. The business will not use any imported goods but rather support the local merchants. The business will make use of unskilled labor in the helping of setting up, packaging and running the cashier with further training being made available. The vision of the business is to expand from the market into more markets in the surrounding areas and eventually open up a permanent shop in center town. As a business we will not allow any of our raw materials to be made using illegal methods such as child labor. We will be charitable and employ individuals of a less privileged stature. Training of these individuals will commence shortly after employment.

The business aims to donate unused stock from the markets to the surrounding community in need. The main objective of the business to create a stall/shop that is independent in terms of water and electricity, thus saving the environment and saving costs. The costs that will be saved from this objective will be donated to a charity of choice. The business by the end of year 3 must have enough money to not need any loans for opening up a shop or purchasing any new equipment.

The finances of the business will be handled by Belinda Carlsson free of charge, she will also be helping with the economic future of the business. Joshua Carlsson will be in charge of the sourcing of products and Andrew Carlsson will be in charge of employee rosters.

Joshua Carlsson will inject all the necessary capital with the help of Belinda Carlsson in ...

... middle of paper ...

There will be no new entrants as there are already to many coffee stalls at the market.


We have to make allowances for the issues we cannot control. At the present time there is nothing we can do to make our business more safe. All we can do is conform to the requirements that are set to us legally by the market and the government. We must also focus on conserving the resources. By using as little as possible and combatting wastage we can make this possible.


We are a business that will be successful, we will grow, prosper and become one of the famous brands around the world. We have all the right systems in place to keep the money of the business safe. We have the business ideas to grow.We have the minds to take this company to the next level, the only thing we need to know is...

Are you willing to join us?


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