The Evolution Of Chimpanzees And Humans Essay

The Evolution Of Chimpanzees And Humans Essay

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Scientific theories suggest that humankind evolved from monkeys, chimpanzees to be exact. That idea was always difficult for me to fathom due to my faith and religious beliefs. Over the last few years, I began leisurely reading more about the concept, just out of curiosity and found a lot of very interesting research performed in scientific studies. Now, the concept of chimpanzees and humans evolving from similar ancestry has become an enticing subject and has broadened my mindset. Though, we share many genetic similarities with apes, humans are distinctly different. How is it that a completely different species that looks entirely unlike in every way, shape and form be made up of almost the exact same DNA as you and I?
Chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to humans and have an astonishingly similar DNA sequence as well. Almost one percent of the human genome distinguishes humans separately from chimps. Even though our genetic information is relatively similar, less than one percent of the human genome has evolved over six million years since the divergence of human and chimp lineages. This information proves that even though our DNA is extremely similar to the hairy animals, the tiny portion of DNA that distinguishes our differences makes us tremendously unlike them. Genetic mutations accrue at a steady rate that reflects the period of time that has gone by since two living species had a common ancestor. The phrase, “ticking of the molecular time clock” is used to define this frequency of modification. Increasing the rate of the molecular clock is the most probable cause of the creation of humankind. Mutations that help an organism to survive and reproduce are more likely to be passed on to our future generations.

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...t HIV from replicating. TRIM5a could be the future in the evolution of fighting off HIV in humans.
From an evolutionary perspective, positive selection is the passing on to future generations of certain genetic mutations that help an organism reproduce and survive. Positive selection changes special gene sequences to improve adaptation to this ever changing world. These exclusive human DNA sequences are evolving in a way that is beneficial to our survival, existence and reproduction. Evolution has rearranged our protein building blocks by modifying the locations and activations of different genes in the body. All of the research performed to recognize those areas of human DNA that have evolved since chimps and humans separated from a common ancestor have contributed to the discovery of the DNA sequences that distinguish our differences. This is what makes us human.

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