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1. Evolution is a scientific process of organismal change over a period of time, resulting in genetic modification; it is the development of life. Evolution cannot take place in one individual’s lifetime; rather it is a population-level process that takes place over many generations. This scientific process depends on mutations, or random changes in a species DNA sequence. Evolution is broken down into three mechanisms that drive the process of evolutionary change: Natural Selection, Genetic Drift, and Migration (Wenzel 2015). Mutations can cause differences in physical traits and is the cause of variation within a population. The mechanism of Natural Selection is a causal process that is the variation in an organism’s survival and reproduction chances due to variance in genes and adaptability; organisms that are better adapted or adjusted to their environments tend to survive and reproduce, passing their genes on to the next generation, while those will less favorable adaptation skills and genes will die off. This mechanism is Evolution whereby the organisms most fit for that specific environment will survive. Natural Selection results in things called adaptations. Adaptations can take many forms and may become commonly seen amongst populations because it improves current function of the organism (University of California). In order for Natural Selection to take place, three conditions are necessary: variation for a trait, genetic heritability, and differential reproductive success. In order for Natural selection to happen, a species must have differences in a trait that can be passed down to offspring, causing competition for resources which allow some to reproduce to their full potential, and others to not produce at all (Unive...

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...his mutation would have allowed one to be better suited for their environment and allowed him or her to live longer. In times of famine, those with this mutation benefited because they were able to drink milk and get the nutrients that come with it, allowing them to live longer and pass their genes onto to next generation.
4. The major difference between science and religion is that by using the scientific method, science can be proven or disproven while religion cannot. Science depends on “deliberate, explicit and formal testing of explanations for the way the world is,” while religious understandings are “incidental, implicit and informal” (The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 2009). In other words, science is clearly stated and tested while religion is consequential, implied, and unofficial; religion is faith based while science is evidence based.

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