Every Pregnancy Is A Happy Pregnancy Essay

Every Pregnancy Is A Happy Pregnancy Essay

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Society say, “Every pregnancy is a happy pregnancy.” Unfortunately, this statement is not true to all of us. Through my experience it was an emotional roller coaster. It was an unexpected surprise that had my world feeling like it was crashing down at the age of sixteen. It was the end of my outgoing childhood, or so I thought. The blank stare of shock came upon my pale face when discovering I was pregnant. My emotions then lead me to believe that I would be struggling with two low income jobs to support a child by myself. I knew right then that over the period of nine months I would have to make the most critical decisions of my life.
I remember it like it was just yesterday. I woke up one cold Tuesday morning on February 17th, 2009. The sharp throbbing pain at my left ovary side felt like it had its own pulse. It was a pain I have never experienced before in my life. The weakness of my body made it hard for me to walk that day. My stomach was bare like the shelves at a retail store after a “Black Friday” event. I became so sick that I was retching to vomit, but was only encountered by the awful bitter taste of acid reflux.
The ride to the hospital felt like it was an unending road. The amount of time it took to arrive caused a great deal of fear as I pondered over the situation asking myself, “What could possibly be wrong with me?” Upon arrival I could feel the pain becoming worse as the pain of throbbing quickly escalated into a stabbing like pain. My mother rushed through the heavy swinging doors and I instantly felt the cool air against by face. My mind was in a blurry vision state like I was surrounded by fog. All I could hear was a baby crying in the waiting room. This baby was significant to my memory because all I could ...

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...led aggressive man I had grew up around turned fragile with worry in his eyes. He then reached for me without saying a word and held me close as we both cried for several hours. The tightness of his arms was a relief that I had a father that cared enough to make sacrifices to help me through my pregnancy and raising a child rather then throw me away to defend for myself.
My first pregnancy was far from happiness. However, it was a life lesson. As a teenager I thought my life was over, but I soon discovered my life was just beginning. I discovered happiness doesn’t have to come to you right away. Sometimes it take discovering yourself and taking chances to make happiness out of a bad situation. My happiness came with the choice to keep my daughter. The blank stare of shock was turned into laughter and joy for a lifetime. It’s an experience that I’m thankful for today.

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