Essay on Evaluation Of A Student Assessment

Essay on Evaluation Of A Student Assessment

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Assessment is an important key to student learning. Testing both what students know and are able to do serves as a compass that guides educators all over the world. Within the last fifteen year, there has been a shift in the world of assessments due to the attention from policy makers. This shift has not necessarily been beneficial for students or their teachers. Teachers have used the same standardized test styles to assess students and prepare them for test. However, many teachers have realized that this is not the best way for students to show evidence of their learning. Instead, Chappuis, Chappuis, and Stiggins(2009) suggest that the two necessary components of an assessment that fairly and accurately judges student knowledge are “quality and balance”(p. 15). Student assessments must not only be fair, but must fit the learning goal. In order for educators to truly judge students’ knowledge and understanding, assessments must match the learning goals.
Learning Goal 1: Persuade an Audience - Product and Performance
My interdisciplinary unit addressed standards in both English IV and U.S. Government. The main learning goal of the unit is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards that states, “Students write persuasive texts to influence the attitudes or actions of a specific audience on specific issues. Students are expected to write an argumentative essay (e.g., evaluative essays, proposals) to the appropriate audience that includes: a clear thesis or position based on logical reasons with various forms of support (e.g., hard evidence, reason, common sense, and cultural assumptions)” (Texas Education Agency, 2010). Based on this standard, students should be able to write an essay that convinces a spe...

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... used as a way to help student learn continuously.
Assessments are an integral part of the learning. They should be used to further the learning that students have gained throughout the unit. In addition to that, assessments should fit the learning goals set when the unit was designed. In my unit, a variety of assessments are used to extend learning and student understanding of how persuasive techniques are used in campaign ads. Data can be gained from that understanding and more teaching and learning can come as a result. Regardless of the purpose, assessments should be both quality and balanced and should provide students with the best opportunity for success. In my assessments, I achieve both while setting meaningful learning tasks that suit the needs of my students. In the future, I hope that my assessments always promote student learning and success.

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