Evaluation Of A Performance Assessment Essay

Evaluation Of A Performance Assessment Essay

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Chelsie Vogel (Slides 7-8):
Application of Assessments:
I will explain that as teachers, it is imperative to decided on what knowledge or skill needs to be assessed. After we define our objectives, it is time to ask ourselves, “Which type of assessment will be most appropriate?”

Group Discussion: I will then ask the class to share how they have determined which type of assessment to use in past lessons.

I will then explain and go over three guidelines to consider when creating a performance assessment.
The selected performance should reflect a valued activity. This type of assessment sends a message to students about what you value most and want them to learn.
The completion of performance assessment should provide a valuable learning experience. The investment of this classroom time should result in a higher payoff: teachers understanding of what students know, as well as the student’s knowledge.
The statement of goals and objectives should be clearly aligned with the measurable outcomes of the performance activity.
I will then hand out and explain the Cognitive Categories Chart. This chart provides examples of performance activities and products that demonstrate the six cognitive objectives present in Bloom’s taxonomy.

Group Discussion: I will then ask the class if they have personally experienced any of these products and if they believe it captured the activity and cognitive objective associated with the product.

Chelsie Vogel (Slide 9):
After we have discussed guideline that apply to multiple formats of performance assessment, we expand on the types of presentations these forms involve.
Demonstrations require students to show what they know and is usually a closed-response tasks, meaning there is one correct or be...

... middle of paper ...

...e criteria for evaluation

We will then watch the video, Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Student Portfolios: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXQ9qnFGNdY
It talks about five ways teachers can get the most out of student portfolio project.

We will then have students get into groups to discuss and complete our assessment quiz. This will allow us to measure the students’ attainment of the objective and assess what they have learned and how they can apply their knowledge as future teachers. The questions on the group quiz include:
Question 1: (Pages 512-513)
Please identify two forms of performance assessment involving presentations. Briefly provide an example of how you would use it during a lesson.
Question 2: (Pages 514-515)
Please describe the difference between a process portfolio and a best work portfolio. Briefly describe how you would use this in your classroom.

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