Essay on Evaluation Of A Decision Support System

Essay on Evaluation Of A Decision Support System

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Brainstorming Reflection 1
The area of information system application chosen is the decision support system. A decision support system (DSS) is an information system designed to help leaders and team’s members to reach a decision when a decision-making situation arises (Haag, 2013). In the area of management that I have worked, I have experience a range of decision support systems that helps with a range of decisions depending on the tasks and missions.
Brainstorming Reflection 2
The transaction processing and management information systems provide information on a regular basis. Leadership needs information provided in reports to help them make effective decisions. For example, a sales manager might need to determine how high to set yearly sales quotas based on increased sales and lowered product costs (Alnajjar & Al-Zoubi (2012). The decision support system (DSS) helps provide information to support such decisions.
Brainstorming Reflection 3
I choose this area because of the advancement leadership position held learning the decision support system is a vital and essential tool when making a critical decision. Through extensive leadership training, the value knowledge acquired through experience help with the decision support systems to include statistical analysis capabilities, spreadsheets, and graphics that help leaders extract data and evaluate results (Sauter, 2002). Learning the initial decision-making process that includes intelligence, design, choice and implementation is important for a leader to construct and structured decision process.
Brainstorming Reflection 4
Placed in the learning teams was a great learning experience. The learning team members provided insight from three perspectives. The first learnin...

... middle of paper ...

Brainstorming Reflection 6
The learning team members provided unique concepts of the chosen area of information systems application from a personal and professional perspective. Each area entices other learning team members to add value from their perspective and research to elaborate further with narrowing the scope of the issues to address. Collaborating and brainstorming idea collective helps to assess and discuss new ideas and concepts.
Brainstorming Reflection 7
Scholarly collaboration allows doctoral students to create new ideas and building a relationship between concepts. Creativity thrives in groups when asking questions and showing support. Brainstorming helps to develop and improve fluency with critical thinking. The scholarly collaboration also helps new doctoral students to generate and organize thought process of new idea and information.

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