Euthanasia: A Good Thing Essay

Euthanasia: A Good Thing Essay

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Ending the life of a critically ill person by lethal injection is known as Euthanasia or “mercy-killing”. The Greek word Euthanasia’s meaning is good death, “eu” meaning good, and “thanasia”, meaning death.( B.A. Robinson) The right of death by lethal injection should be the choice of the person whom wants this process done, not the doctors or the society, in which this is called immoral. When only having so long to live and having to live that small amount of time in severe pain there should be an option for the patient to choose Euthanasia. This option would help those who are in sound mind and only have a small pain filled time left on the earth, to be free from the pain that the illness is causing them.
The Gallup Organization in the United States revealed that 75percent of the United States population is in favor of this practice of Euthanasia. (Abhijit Naik) The states that have provisions for Euthanasia in their judicial system include Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Texas. (Naik) Religion and race have a major role in the opinion on wither Euthanasia should be allowed or banned from certain states or even the Untied Stated as a whole. The other 25 percent of the population is against Euthanasia and think that the choice to die is only Gods decision.
Out of the millions of people that attend church weekly, only about thirty-three percent of them think that Euthanasia is morally acceptable. While forty-eight percent of people who attend church near weekly feel that Euthanasia is acceptable. (Author Unknown) The Bible states, “Thou shall not murder” (Exodus 20:12-15) with this in mind numerous people consider the performance of Euthanasia manslaughter, even though the person who is desiring to be Euthanized insists that...

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...n America. Euthanasia can be beneficial in certain circumstances, as well as harmful if used incorrect. When wanting to use Euthanasia it has to be kept in mind that in a dire situations should the person, whom wishing to have Euthanasia preformed, get the procces that will end their life.

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