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After the great advances of what is now ancient Greece and Rome, also known as the “classics”; Europe fell into a period of darkness. Within it, learning was suppressed and knowledge didn’t advance. However, by a turn into the 1400’s, there was a “rebirth” of learning: the Renaissance. The Renaissance was marked by an intense awaking in the visible world and in the knowledge derived from the experiences rather than religion and wise tales. It turned away from the abstract speculations and interest in life after death which is characterized in the Middle Ages. Although Christianity was not forgotten completely, the holy culture of the Middle Ages were largely rejected.
The interest in classical literature began in the Middle Ages. The late Middle Ages scholars, philosophers and author were interested in Latin literature and Latin translations of Greek literature. In the Renaissance, however, people from various segments of society, from kings and nobles to merchants and soldiers, studied classical literature and art. Unlike the theologians of the Middle Ages, these people were new to these ideas and studied for pleasure, and the interest in art from the past was soon extended to contemporary works. Medieval art and literature tended to serve a specialized interest and purpose; as objects of ideal beauty or learning. The advent of printing brought about much knowledge for citizens, while Europeans began to value education and scientific training. Numerous intellectuals, talented artists, acedemics, poets, and writers flourished during the Renaissance.
The European renaissance changed attitudes about government, individual rights, religion, and personal wealth. Many Monarchs were forced to conform to the altering world as their na...

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