Essay about Ethics Within Group Counseling And Individual Counseling

Essay about Ethics Within Group Counseling And Individual Counseling

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Professional ethical conduct is essential to the success of any client, whether it is in individual counseling or in a group setting. Professional psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers or others in the field of human service or help have the duly responsibility to continuously become aware of their professional responsibilities, and manage their practice based on areas of ability. This paper will research ethics within groups and individual counseling, and compare their similarities and their differences.
To begin to understand we must explore the differences between group counseling and individual counseling. By better understanding its structure a clearer picture is shown on the necessities of ethics within its environment. Forsyth (2006) describes a group as “Two or more individuals who are connected by and within social relationships” (p. 4). Their connection is not based on a contact connection, but rather through ideas, beliefs, politics, trauma, and despair on many otherness. In a psychological significance “A psychological group is any number of people who interact with each other, are psycho- logically aware of each other, and perceive themselves to be in a group” (Pennington, 2002, p. 3). To better to expound, a group is more than one person coming together with a specific association. For example: six women meet to discuss personal issues related to domestic violence; in such setting they have the opportunity to learn from one another, while sharing with other women that have or are going through similar situations.
The difference can be said on to individual counseling. Individual counseling, the client is working on personal issues without having to share with others, but only with the counselor that ...

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... 28). Many clients are well educated on the process, or have sufficient experience in group therapy that a helper with no or little experience can be seen with very little effort. The America Counseling Association (2004) have their members bind on codes of ethics that can help their success if followed, “Counselors practice in specialty areas new to them only after appropriate education, training, and supervised experience” (c.2.b.). Also seen in the ASGW’s Best Practice Guide (2008) advices “Group counselors do not attempt any technics unless thoroughly trained in its use or under supervision by a counselor familiar with the intervention”.
Although, there are many similar code of ethics established, and mandated for group counselors and individual counselors alike, a slight variation can be seen between both. Confidentiality can be an issue in group counseling.

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