The Ethical Principle Of The Right Decision Essay

The Ethical Principle Of The Right Decision Essay

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After reading the case study related to this assignment and other related articles and talking to co-workers, I realized there are many around us that ethical principle were somehow violated on them. Despite most nurses’ best efforts to make ethical decisions; they might not be able to make the right decision. As it was mentioned in the case study, nurses might feel their job will be jeopardized if they go against higher authorities’ will. If they lose their job, they cannot be useful for themselves or for other patients. This problem takes me back to the title of section three of doing the right thing, “if we know what is right, can we do it?... in properly ordered soul, reason will be on control and passion will be under control”(n.d.). It is interesting to know that what percentage of nurses will do the right action if they know it will cost them their job. In my opinion, it is hard to not rationalize the wrong decision when it is related to the person’s survival. “Human beings have the infinite capacity of self-rationalization” (doing the right thing, n.d.).
After reading the case study, questions below will be answered based on American nurse association (ANA) definition of ethical principles and code of ethics.
Question one: Which ethical principles are being violated in this scenario according to the ANA Ethics Definitions?
According to ANA, autonomy means “agreement to respect another 's right to self-determine a course of action; support of independent decision making” (Beauchamp & Childress, 2009). In this case autonomy of the first nurse was violated as he was not able to administer pain medication when he needed to. The autonomy of the second nurse was jeopardized as she was going to face serious consequences if she...

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... in this hospital.
Question three: where might the nurses at Memorial Hospital find resources to help in intervening to resolve their moral dilemma? Nurses should always go through the chain of command in their health care facility if there is any problem related to their job. It seems like nurse at Memorial hospital did not get any help from their chain of command. Therefore, the next step can be getting their union representative involved if they have union. They also night be able to get help from the state board of nursing if they cannot solve the problem in any other way. According to ANA “The board investigates complaints concerning nurses’ compliance with the nurse practice law in each state, holds hearings for license holders, and determines and administers disciplinary actions based on evidence of violations of the law” (Frequently asked questions, 2012).

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