Ethical Issues Regarding Privacy in the Information Era Essays

Ethical Issues Regarding Privacy in the Information Era Essays

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We live in a world that keeps changing, almost everything is in constant change, including our lives. Our involvement with technology has been a crucial part of it since it has shaped the way information is processed and transferred throughout the entire world. It has been helping us, and therefore making our lives easier (in a certain way) by providing us useful tools and by helping us to make tasks that might have taken a long time to do by ourselves. According to ‘Moore’s Law, technology will continue to improve and grow in an exponential rate1, but not everything about the continuous presence of technology in our lives has been depicted as positive. Along the ease of making our daily tasks a little less enduring, there is another side of it in which many people have been preoccupied with for more than just a few decades. Some writers expressed their preoccupations through their novels, showing us what could happen in the not-so-distant future if we do not pay enough attention to this topic. Some of them (to name a few) were Philip L. Dick, Aldous Huxley, along George Orwell, with his amazing, yet frightening novel named ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’.2 Although those novels were presented a long time ago and were merely works of fiction we can see that they were based on a legitimate concern, and impressively enough we still do, but in a different context.

There are several ethical aspects involved in the era that we live in, but mainly there are four ethical issues regarding the information era: Accuracy, Property, Access, and Privacy.3 For the purposes of this work I will choose the last one to give different examples that involve an ethical dilemma and try to view it through different philosophical perspectives, although I have ...

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