Ethical Ethics Of Drill Oil And Gas Essay

Ethical Ethics Of Drill Oil And Gas Essay

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Although the forever ethical question about how ethical it is to drill oil and gas knowing the high risks and disastrous consequences due to oil spills, the oil and gas industry is something the globe highly depends on. Everyone is fast to point the finger when an error happens but at the end of the day the average person that watches the news and thinks; how bad a company can be for letting such a disaster happen is the same one that fuels this huge and global industry. So who is there to blame? The big companies that drill or the average customer that fuels the industry? Of course we all have a bit of fault and some more than others. It is easier for the average person to take the car to go to work rather than go for a walk or a bike ride, also it is easier for the big companies to invest in a less quality product that gets the job done. There are many factors to consider when we are facing the aftermath of an oil spill. We’ve had this opportunity in more than one occasion. The Exxon-Valdez and the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill by BP. When these disasters happened the world lacked on heavy regulations for risk taking and safety. Now, we need to learn from our mistakes and implement new and safer regulations. Not only that, we need to make sure companies use the right and safe equipment to do the job. Governments from the drilled area should come together and monitor the proceedings to make the environment safer. It is a question of conserving the planet we live in, not a question of how much profit a company can make. Besides from that we need to keep working on discovering renewable energies and implement them in our daily lives. Not only it will be better for our planet but soon we will face a shortage in o...

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...ct responsibly through avoidance of misconduct which may cause accident and also display leadership qualities. Certain risks are inevitable due to the nature of the industry, to contain the disaster if things go wrong, firms should develop improved safety measures and contingency plans. Failure to observe existing ethical codes and policies results to occurrence of many actions especially when risks are present. During drilling process, companies involved in lucrative field of hydraulic fracking could develop a culture using lessons learnt from its predecessors that makes safety and environmental consideration first priorities. A new responsibility of the industry is to enhance leadership in safety and sustainability. The ability of the oil and gas industry to earn its reputation is dependent on stakeholder engagement and commitment to socially responsible approach.

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