BP Case Study: Bp's Public Relations

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1. Do you think BP’s turbulent history contributed to its present day culture and general attitude towards safety and operational procedures? BP turbulent history can be considered the impalement to the current safety and operational procedures. BP had emphasized personal safety and improvements, but the company had a personal injury rates that accounted for 95% of the injuries related to the oil industry. Following the Gulf oil spill disaster, a number of safety recommendations were endorsed by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. It was then BP realized the future of the company was in its on hands and possibly sealed, if they didn’t address the much needed safety and operational procedures. The organization had a clear understanding…show more content…
BP had only one official spokesperson, Tony Hayward, who became a company embarrassment and demonstrated unskilled media techniques. As a result of Hayward 's inadequacy, the greater part of the positive steps BP took, for example, the endeavors to tidy up the spill, and the formation of online networking substance, were disregarded. On account of the different verbal blunders Hayward made to people in general. Bob Dudley was clearly the best choice for BP’s public relation and should have been assigned the company’s point man from the…show more content…
The BP distain for truth and costly crusades cause issues that left an unsettling picture of the organizations concerning the safety consciousness of the company. BP has a long history for being unreliable, when it comes to the safety of others. They pushed the envelope beyond good sense to maintain profit margin and not good health. As a person born and raised on the gulf coast of Alabama, I have firsthand knowledge many members are still disgusted with their attitude towards the environment. In my eye’s no, not to those who were affected. Even with a new attitude, new slogan and CEO. BP is still ran by the same people who lead us to the oil disaster. 7. How does BP ensure a similar crisis doesn’t happen again? Settling a standard for these types of issues is unquestionably the most important objective to date for BP. There are many things organization can do to decrease the chances for it happening again. Starting with being more supportive of restrictions related to safety, influencing a higher standard rather than leaning towards higher capital. A key variable to correct is building a response team that capable of handling emergency oil spills left the American people extremely helpless. Other factors to improve

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