Ethical Dilemmas Of Professional Practice Essay

Ethical Dilemmas Of Professional Practice Essay

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Throughout one’s working life, its highly probable that ethical dilemmas will arise in professional practice in one form or another. Ethical dilemmas bare their heads in many different fashions, including: “…competing ethical principles; empathic failures due to cultural misunderstanding; language gaps; inadequate cultural training to serve a certain population, and so on” (Zoltan, 2016). In the personal experience of this reporter, Claymore Residential Home, a corporately run rehabilitative community for adults with intellectual and cognitive impairment, presents the gravest example of ethical dilemmas. It was a workplace lead by autocrats cloaked in professional titles and facades of altruism. Ethical dilemmas emanated from the top of the hierarchy and trickled throughout the organization.
Operationally, Claymore was skilled in meeting state and local mandates, adhering to regulations and presenting a public persona that appeared in sync with ethical codes and expectations of quality care for the population being served. Beneath the surface, lurked blatant violations of Principle E of the APA Ethical Principles of Code of Conduct; Respect for Peoples Rights and Dignity. Contradictions between espoused and enacted values and the dynamics of corporate healthcare embodied the notion of a competing ethical principles. Furthermore, the stratification of race, skill level and academic accomplishment forged deep interpersonal and intergroup rifts throughout the milieu. Elitist and ethnocentric statements and practices on behalf of management spawned an environment of resentment, and low morale amongst a subjugated labor force.
Claymore’s leadership consisted primarily of European-American women, between the ages of 29 and 52, with ...

... middle of paper ... and making efforts to “…understand who is attempting what, why, and how, in what situation and what really matters, what is valuable in all that” (Forester, p. 38).
Dr. Andrea’s behavior presented as overwhelmingly fiscal, ego and power driven. The self-serving nature of the aforementioned individual placed self-interests above the needs and wellbeing of clients and employees alike. What’s more, staff members in leadership roles, ignored their professional obligations and failed to police the environment effectively (Schön, p. 38). Nevertheless, the overt lack of professionalism and disrespectful attitude towards others served as a personal and rich education. An education so rich that it is directly linked to my passion for learning, developing and implementing effective and ethically sound professional practice both domestically and in international settings.

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