Ethical Considerations of College Recruiting Essay

Ethical Considerations of College Recruiting Essay

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The United States has an obsession with sports. From little leagues to major leagues, winning is above all and being competitive is important for both coaches and administrators overall success. That is why college recruiting has so many ethical issues today. When universities are able to offer money and other incentives to student-athletes in order to persuade them to enroll with their institution it gives them an advantage some others are not able to offer. Gifting money, cars, clothing, houses, and sometimes even sex take place in order to sway an athlete to one’s school. This issue may not be a problem for all sport managers because there are a few schools that have the money to spend and have no problem offering it to athletes, but most other smaller schools are left in the dust with lower end recruits. Illegal and unethical recruitment affects sport managers and coaches because of the lack of success some may have getting higher end recruits to attend their institution. There is also risk involved for sport managers and coaches through the chance of getting caught doing said illicit acts. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the history of illegal and unethical recruiting as well as my proposed solution to try and limit illegal recruiting.
In the early years of collegiate athletics the only sport that enforced a governing body for rules and eligibility was rowing. Years later along with a handful other sports, football had created its own governing body in 1876 named the IFA. The purpose of the Intercollegiate Football Association was to create eligibility and game guidelines for institutions partaking in football. On account of regulation and eligibility not being enforced well, there was a lot of illegal recruitment a...

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