Establishing The Internship At The Student Health Services Department Essay

Establishing The Internship At The Student Health Services Department Essay

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I have been a student assistant at the Student Health Services department since November 2011. I was stationed there by the Associate Vice President of Student Services, and then Acting Executive Director of Student Health Services. I have an extensive array of skills which the department staff would take advantage of on occasions, but they were not giving me room to grow. My job duties were minimal, and therefore I was not performing to the full extent of my capabilities. I have extensive computer skills, I am proficient in Microsoft Office programs, and I am highly organized and detail oriented. Working in an office environment was never a problem for me, but performing the same remedial tasks over and over would be tiresome.
According to their website, the Wellness Center is a center that offers “educational programming, services, and resources [that] enable students to play active roles in achieving, protecting, and sustaining health and wellness.” This section of the official department description is accomplished through programs, lectures, and workshops offered. In order to supply the demand for such lectures, the Center gives opportunities for students to intern and apply their knowledge and skills in the educational field. The unfortunate thing is that most of the students come from a health related background (e.g., Health Promotion, Kinesiology, Food & Nutrition). Whether it was students or my own supervisors giving lectures or workshops, I was often asked to accompany the lecturers and assist them. I have attended enough of these pre-written or structurally predefined lectures that I can recite some of these from memory.
Eventually I was allowed to do some outreach events such as t...

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...espite all the efforts made to bring awareness. Part of my objective was to work in this particular problem area.
The Health Promotion department at Cal Poly Pomona is known by its more commonly name, the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center is part of Student Health Services, which in turn is an associated part of the Student Health and Counseling Services department – department which is part of the Student Services division of Cal Poly Pomona. According to their website, the Wellness Center is a center that offers “educational programming, services, and resources [that] enable students to play active roles in achieving, protecting, and sustaining health and wellness.” These criteria from their previous department description are accomplished through programs, lectures, and workshops offered.

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