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The purpose of this essay will be to examine which writing system is more desirable, semanto-phonetic writing or alphabetical writing. In order to get better understanding in this thesis statement, semanto-phonetic writing and alphabetical writing should be broadly defined. Alphabetic writing systems represent the phonological structure of the language while the symbols used in semanto-phonetic writing systems often represent both sound and meaning. The preference between these two writing systems is different towards people with different native and culture. However, the advantages of semanto-phonetic writing are much more than that of alphabetical writing. Therefore, semanto-phonetic writing is more desirable than alphabetical writing. This essay will compare between these two writing system in different aspect. To make it more specific and clearer, Chinese writing would be taken as example of semanto-phonetic writing to compare with English writing, which is an example of alphabetical writing in this essay. As Professor Sun discussed in lecture, Chinese characters are understood across time. Chinese writing system is helpful for modern people to read and understand the ancient works as this writing system remain unchanged over the past 2000 years. Person who learned basic Chinese language can able to read the ancient writings. As a matter of fact, pronunciation changes a whole lot over time. English writings are at a great weakness when this happens since the spelling of modern English script has no relationship with how the word is actually spoken in the past. Without speciality training, a modern English native speaker can definitely not read Old and Middle English, like Shakespeare’s (1564-1616) works in 400 years ago. This ... ... middle of paper ... ...each Chinese character than English character. As Professor Sun discussed in lecture, the document in Chinese writing is always the shortest one than that in other alphabetical writings when a United Nations resolution, agreement and announcement are made. Since documents in Chinese writing are mostly shorter and simple, but informative, it is easier and faster to writing Chinese documents when comparing with English writing. To conclude, Chinese writing is more advanced in communication across time and space in comparing with English writing. Furthermore, Chinese writing is more attractive and more convenient to read and use. Although a Chinese Character may have complicated strokes, each Chinese Character carries more information; shorter and informative Chinese documents are made in result. As such, Chinese writing system is more preferable than English writing.
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